The Bank Birmingham, Birmingham, UK - Great architecture

The Bank Birmingham comprises two towers, with the tallest being 33-stories (102m) high, plus a Grade II listed building that occupies a key part of the complex.

Bank Towers One and Two


B16 8WN

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Photography by Daniel Sturley


Architect: Glancy Nicholls 

Construction: Wates 

Developer: Regal Property Group

Enquiries: Knight Frank


In brief

The Bank Birmingham comprises two towers, with the tallest being 33-stories (102m) high, plus a Grade II listed building that occupies a key part of the complex.


The story of the build

Bank Tower One appears on the westside skyline in March 2017.

Visable from the Library of Birmingahm's 'Secret Garden'

Cometing with the towers of Brindleyplace.

Daniel made an invited visit to the top of Tower One in July 2017.

Piling for Bank Tower Two starts in July 2017

August 2017, cladding well on the way

September 2017, Daniel is invited to the Topping Out Cereomony for Tower One and Wates group kindly put up some prints of his construction photography.

October 2017 sees the crane for Tower one removed an the one for Tower two inatalled and tethered to Tower One which is close to fully clad.

The concrete core for Tower Two is rising fast in January 2018.

With the lower structute chasing up fast behind.

Late in January the core rises above its sibling on the westside skyline.

February sees a super thin looking core rising far above Broad Street.

Starting to be seen from far away, here from Tysley in late February 2018.

Late March and the main structure has risen above the Bank Building and starting to impose ist mass on Broad Street.

May 2018 sees the top-out of the concrete core.

Sub-cladding installation well on the way.

Some windows and final cladding panels also installed on the lower floors.

July 2018 and the building is becoming a tower.

In August 2018 the main structure of Tower Two passes its sibling Tower One.

October and the cladding is installed on about half the building.

Starting to dominate the westside skyline.

The Bank Building with Tower Two behind in November sunshine.

December and the tower is close to topping out.

The iconic view develops.

Daniel is invited by Wates Group to attend the Topping Out Ceromony for Bank Tower Two.

The view twoards Southside from the top of Bank Tower Two.

A time capsule is encased.

February sees the final parapet finished and the tower starts to look magnificent in the low sunshine with a lot more of the light bronze and grey cladding installed.

The 'Broad Street Cluster' really starts to show in March 2019

After structural complettion in March the crane is taken down.

Bank Birmingham from Five Ways Park in April 2019.

May sees Tower Two dominating the westside skyline, but not for long as the construction of  the Mercian on the opposite side of Broad Street is imminent.

Some of the cladding reaches the full height of the tower in June, teasing is with spectacular sunset reflections to come.

The widest side facing Broad Street in full June sunshine, the pattern of the cladding now clear withe the external lifts being de-installed.

The almost externally complete Tower Two stands proud in July 2019 as the cranes for 142m The Mercian are installed opposite.

August sees the multi-coloured programable strip lighting installed and tested on Tower Two.

September sunset really announces Tower Two to the westside skyline.

The street level retail spaces are prepared for clients and appartments go on sale.

An October 2019 reflection in a local lorry assistance mirror.

November and Tower Two is reaching far into the foggy winter sky.

In December the colored light atop Tower Two compliment an errie post-sunset scene.

The finished pair of towers in January 2020.

An abstract of Tower Two in March 2020.

The sunset reflects off the tower in April 2020.

Tower Two lit red on the skyline as The Mercian rises inexorably alongside in August 2020.

Tower Two lit blue with a crescent moon in November 2020.

The Bank Birmingham Towers on the skyline from Egg Hill in Frankley on 31st December 2020, The Mercian now having surpassed the pair.

Bank Birmingham in March 2021.

Photography by Daniel Sturley

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Project dates

17 Aug 2017 - On-going


Construction & regeneration


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