Aston University, Teaching Block, Aston Street, Birmingham, UK - Construction with Community

This new ten-storey building will become a shining new beacon at the forefront of the Aston University gateway. With public and teaching uses, it is sure to become an instant landmark.


Aston Street

Birmingham, B4 7ET

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Artists Impression from Hawkins\Brown.


Client: Aston University

Architect(s): Hawkins\Brown & Exterior Architecture

Contractor: TBA

Enquiries: CBRE


In brief

As part of Aston University's campus renovation, a new iconic 10-story structure will be built.

The one-of-a-kind complex will have a ground-floor public arcade, cafe, and second-floor terraces, as well as high-quality work and social learning areas.

The building is the first stage in Aston University's vision and long-term strategy to rebuild their estate, with the goal of creating a 'destination campus' over the next decade, centred around a central landscaped plaza with high-quality education and innovation.

The HawkinsBrown design is divided into two playful elements: the lower civic plinth, which will open out onto the landscaped plaza and contain a public café, lecture theatres, and other key public functions; and the upper university pavilion, which will be a visually striking lantern with roof terraces and a variety of teaching spaces.

New trees and study places will be planted within the outdoor plaza, each with USB connections and Wi-Fi charging stations to allow students to study outside.

While the Tipping Triangles Fountain will be demolished as part of the project, it will be relocated elsewhere on campus after a school-wide landscaping strategy is finished.

Cycle spaces are plentiful and will be supplied across the property, as this is a car-free development.

Artists Impression from Hawkins\Brown.

Artists Impression from Hawkins\Brown.

Artists Impression from Hawkins\Brown.

Building functions - image from Hawkins\Brown.

Site plan - image from Hawkins\Brown.


Project dates

30 Jul 2021 - On-going


Construction & regeneration, Modern Architecture


Your Place Your Space

Jonathan Bostock

0121 410 5520