Two Chamberlain Square, Birmingham, UK - Great architecture

Two Chamberlain Square is a build for commercial use that includes 183,000 sq.ft of grade A offices over 8 floors. There will also be 2,780 to 4,310 sq. ft of retail units available.

Introducing Two Chamberlain Square 

Second of the stunning buildings to open as part of Argent's huge and transformative Paradise development,

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The building was designed by Glenn Howells Architects and built by BAM.

Two Chamberlain Square is an eight storey development of prime office space. 



The story so far

May 2017

The construction of Two Chamberlain Square commences.



October 2017

The huge floor plates of Two Chamberlain Square on the lower levels become very apparent from the Library




February 2018

From the Library Two Chamberlain Square still looks like a huge slab as more demolition is done around the Paradise site.



June 2018

The first columns of Two Chamberlain Square rise above the hordings along Centenary Way.



July 2018

The structure of Two Chamberlain Square becomes apparent as it rises.



August 2018

The scene in Chamberlain Square develops as Two Chamberlain Square rises behing the Chamberlain Monument.



October 2018

Demolition to make way for One Centenary Way, Two Chamberlain Square behind.



February 2019

Two Chamberlain Square receives its first column cladding.


March 2019

Two Chamberlain Square gets some of its first glazing teasing us with reflective splendor to come.


April 2019

Two Chamberlain Square is topped out with much of the Colomn cladding completed.


June 2019

The fully glazed front of Two Chamberlain Square.


August 2019

One and Two Chamberlain Square as seen from the Hyatt Regency Hotel.



October 2019

External completion of Two Chamberlain Square.


March 2021

Two Chamberlain Square in the fully reopened square.


Project dates

26 Jun 2018 - On-going


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