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The Mercian is a 42 storey mixed-use development due for completion in June 2022.  It is a stunning build that has totally influenced the city skyline. 

In brief

The Mercian (previously 2One2 Broad Street is a 42 storey mixed-use development comprising a thirty-nine storey residential building (30 studios,163 one bed, 260 two bed and 28 three bedroom apartments) which will sit on a three storey podium with over 30,000 sq ft of communical amenity space.

The build is valued at £183m and is due for completion in June 2022.

The developer is Moda Living. The architect is Glenn Howells. The contractor is John Sisk & Son.

For the site map select HERE.

Artists impressions of The Mercian by Glenn Howells Architects.

Latest photo 21st July 2021

Photography by Daniel Sturley

There are now over 1200 photos of the construction of this building and can be seen in reverse date order in the full gallery here: The Mercian Full Construction Gallery.


The story so far

April 2019

Work on The Mercian commenced in 2019 when the site on Broad Street was cleared and piling for the foundation began in April 2019.

February 2019, The site is prepared - Photo copyright MODA


Piling begins at The Mercian (April 2019). Photography by Stephen Giles


Another of the piling commencing for the foundation (April 2019). Photography by Daniel Sturley


Another of the piling as seen from Broad Street. Photography by Daniel Sturley

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June 2019

By June 2019 most of the foundation piles were in place so work on the concrete cores could commence.

Work on the first core cpmmences. Photography by Stephen Giles


July 2019

July 2019 sees the first crane intalled on site.

The first crane is installed. Photo by Daniel Sturley

The main core becomes visible from Broad Street (July 2019). Photography by Daniel Sturley

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August 2019

It is August and the foundations are complete, work on lower structure has started, both cranes are on site and the cores are launched.

Lots and lots of steel re-bar (August 2019). Photography by Stephen Giles


September 2019

In September 2019, the first of the main structure columns appear above the site hordings.

Floral displays in front of site boarding and first new first columns behind that. Photography by Daniel Sturley

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November 2019

It is November 2019 and people are starting to notice the building rise, here it is as viewed from the rear on Tennant Street.  We also get the first view of the cladding on the exterior of the build.

The Mercian. Photography by Stephen Giles

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January 2020

Start of a fresh new year and the first floor of the main 42 floor tower appears above the wide base.

The Mercian (January 2020). Photography by Daniel Sturley

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February 2020

It is February and the slip form for the main tower structure joins the core on the way up.

The Mercian (February 2020). Photography by Daniel Sturley


March 2020

It is early March 2020 and the build starts to show its bulk from Broad Street early in the month. Also the concrete core of the main tower appears on the skyline for the first time in March.

The Mercian (March 2020). Photography by Stephen Giles

The Mercian in this looking out from the city over to Edgbaston. Photography by Daniel Sturley

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April 2020

As the country enters a national lockdown due to the pandemic, work continues at The Mercian.

The Mercian (April 2020). Photography by Reiss Gordon-Henry


May 2020

Into May and The Mercian appears on the skyline from many vantage points.  May also sees glazing start to be installed at lower levels.

The Mercian (May 2020). Photography by Elliott Brown

Glazing starts to be installed. Photography by Reiss Gordon-Henry

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June 2020

The rear ascension of the building nears completion in June and the main tower becomes a prominent feature on Broad Street with the core of the build rising above Bank Tower One to about 80 metres.

Rear ascension nears completion. Photography by Reiss Gordon-Henry

Broad Street in Westside. Photography by Daniel Sturley

The Mercian. Photography by Elliott Brown

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July 2020

It is July, cladding is now well on the way and it is time for the crane to be extended.

View from Tennant Street. Photography by Stephen Giles

Crane extended at The Mercian. Photography by Daniel Sturley

Mercian reaches half its final height. Photography by Daniel Sturley

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August 2020

The Mercian, an even more prominent fixture on the city skyline.

View looking out to Edgbaston. Photography by Daniel Sturley

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September 2020

The 'Broad Street Cluster' becomes a reality in September.

The Mercian. Photography by Elliott Brown


September 2020

It is September 2020 and Bank Tower Two has some serious competition!

The Mercian. Photography by Stephen Giles


October 2020

The tower can be clearly seen from so many views around the city centre. 

View from Grand Central. Photography by Daniel Sturley

View from Centenary Square. Photography by Daniel Sturley


November 2020

It is November 2020 and we see the tower's main structure rise above 100 metres and past Bank Tower Two.

View from the Jewellery Quarter. Photography by Elliott Brown.

View from The Cube. Photography by Daniel Sturley

The Mercian as part of the Broad Street cluster. Photography by Daniel Sturley

The Birmingham city skyline as seen from Egg Hill in Frankley (7 miles away). Photography by Daniel Sturley

Cresent moon poses with the cranes of The Mercian. Photo by Daniel Sturley

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December 2020

As we reach the end of 2020, the team working on The Mercian have made huge progress.

The Mercian in torrential rain early in December. Photography by Elliott Brown

Westside city skyline at sunset in December 2020.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

View from Highgate 21st December. Photography by Daniel Sturley


The Mercian from the west end of Broad Street on 24th December. Photography by Elliott Brown


January 10th, The Mercian on the Westside city skyline with the concrete core complete at floor 42. Photography by Daniel Sturley


The Mercian from Tysley Station on 2nd February 2021. Photography by Elliott Brown


February 6th, The Mercian with Bank Towers One and Two. Photography by Daniel Sturley


The Mercian as at 1st March 2021.  Photography by Stephen Giles

Post image

20th April at night. Photography by John Gilbert.

The roof structure is completed, 22nd April 2021.  Photography by Daniel Sturley 

The Mercian with Bank Tower Two, 29th April.  Photography by Elliott Brown

11th May 2021.  Photography by Daniel Sturley 

Photography by Daniel Sturley

19th June. From the canal at Northbrook Street footbridge. 

Photography by Daniel Sturley

19th June. From Great Charles Queensway.

Photography by Elliott Brown

24th June 2021

Photography by Daniel Sturley

Latest photo 21st July 2021

There are now over 1200 photographs from community of the construction of The Mercian and its progress to date. They can be seen in reverse date order in the full gallery here: The Mercian Full Construction Gallery.

To be continued ....

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