It's Your Build - a digital platform for engaging communities in their built environment

This is the place to follow all the developments taking place across the City with great photography, regular posts, maps, trails and (coming soon) drone footage and virtual reality.

This is a totally unique collaboration between business and community.

Here, in the one digital space, we bring together all that is planned and all that is happening across the city's built environment.   

Features, Posts and Community

Take a look at the huge variety of developments we are covering on our Features page. See fresh articles written by our community on our Posts page.

We are building this unique digital showcase, development by development, working with people across the community and across the construction industry to ensure that everyone is kept informed on what's happening and how the city and their community is moving forward. 

Our Community page will introduce you to those who are passionate about the built environment and are helping us gather and maintain content.

Whatever your interest in Birmingham, whether as someone who lives here, someone who's visiting the city, an investor or someone who's working on a proposed development or a new build, It's Your Build will give you everything you need such as what's planned, what's being built and who's involved in what. 

Birmingham builds - mapped and tracked for you!

Link to our extensive map of all the developments and builds, regularly updated to show whether they are approved or in the process of being built.

Birmingham skyline. Photography by Daniel Sturley.

Here's an introduction to just a few of the developments covered at It's Your Build.  Go to Features to see them all.

103 Colmore Row, Birmingham

Developer: Sterling Property Ventures.  Contractor: BAM.  Architect: Doone Silver Kerr.   

103 Colmore Row and the City's Council House.  Photography by Daniel Sturley.

The Mercian, Broad Street, Birmingham

Developer: Moda Living.  Contractor: Sisk & Son.  Architect: Glenn Howells. 

Artists impression of The Mercian courtesy Glenn Howells Architects.

1 Centenary Square (HSBC), Arena Central, Birmingham

Developer: Arena Central Developments LLP.  Contractor: Galliford Try.  Architects: MAKE.

1 Centenary Square, Arena Central.  Photography by Daniel Sturley.

3 Centenary Square (University of Birmingham), Arena Central, Birmingham 

Glancy Nicholls Architects and Galliford Try collaboration.

3 Centenary Square, Birmingham.  Photography by Stephen Giles.

Three Arena Central, Birmingham.

Developer: Arena Central Developments LLP.  Contractor: Galliford Try.  Architects: MAKE 

Artists impression of Three Arena Central courtesy MAKE Architects.

Metro extension - Centenary Square to Edgbaston.

Developments underway at Midland Metro on Broad Street.  Photography by Elliott Brown.

Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Developer: Birmingham Performances Ltd.  Contractor: Galliford Try.  Architects: Page/Park Architects.

Artists impression of Symphony Hall courtesy Page/Park Architects.

There are almost 100 developments to take a look at.  See all developments on the Features page.

Project dates

22 Jan 2019 - On-going


Construction & regeneration, Modern Architecture, Landscape architecture


Your Place Your Space

Jonathan Bostock

0121 410 5520

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Construction & regeneration
22 Jan 2019 - YourPlaceYourSpace

Introducing ItsYourBuild - A FreeTimePays Community of Passion

Post image

With a combined reach of 100,000, YourPlaceYourSpace manages a unique digital space and portal for people to promote and share their passion for Construction with Community.

Take the full post to find out more and see how you can get involved.

Connect with us and promote yourselves and your passion for Construction with Community!


Introducing ItsYourBuild - A FreeTimePays Community of Passion

With a combined reach of 100,000, YourPlaceYourSpace manages a unique digital space and portal for people to promote and share their passion for Construction with Community.

Take the full post to find out more and see how you can get involved.

Connect with us and promote yourselves and your passion for Construction with Community!

ItsYourBuild is a Community of Passion that utilises YourPlaceYourSpace digital engagement and social media to deliver real change and positive social impact.

ItsYourBuild is a digital space for people who are passionate about construction and regeneration and want to do whatever they can to promote their passion.

At ItsYourBuild, we help connect people where passions are shared; we give people FREE access to their very own digital space where they can promote their passion; and we recognise people for the contributions they make through the allocation of Passion Points. Interested? Connect with us HERE.

dndimg alt="" dndsrc="../uploadedfiles/ItsYourBuild_Launch_Post_Image.jpg" style="width: 100%;" />

The reach of YourPlaceYourSpace is huge and is growing with Communities of Passion being rolled out across the UK. 

Companies and organisations keen to support People with Passion play an essential role and we have a range of partnership, sponsorship and advertising packages available.

We can even go as far as to set groups and networks up with their own portal so they can grow their own branded Community of Passion linked to their own website or social media account.

View our Partnership arrangements or connect with us HERE.

Now let's show you what you get with FreeTimePays. 


FreeTimePays is an impact focused digital platform and social media channel specifically for people who want to make a difference and create a positive social and economic impact.

FreeTimePays is the social media of choice for 'People with Passion'.

With FreeTimePays, we help people take their passion to the next level by giving them access to a suite of digital tools and applications.

dndimg alt="" dndsrc="../uploadedfiles/communities of passion.jpg" style="width: 100%;" />

There are three components to FreeTimePays.

There’s Community Passport, Community Workspace and Community Matchmaker. Operating right across the platform in recognition of the valuable contribution being made by users is YourPlaceYourSpace gamification. This takes the form of points and rewards for passions shared.

FreeTimePays is here for people who really want to become involved in their community or with their particular passion and for those people who are really serious about making a difference. It’s our job at YourPlaceYourSpace to provide the tools and functionality that helps bring together those who create the great ideas with those who have the potential to turn an idea into something that really does make a difference.

Community Passport

Passport is a personal space which registered members can make their own. With a passport, members can choose to get involved with their passion and participate in many different ways.

They can view regular content and posts; sort and save this content by type or by passion; they can collect points for giving their views through polls and surveys, attend events or even join a discussion.

With a YourPlaceYourSpace Community Passport, members can follow inspiring people and they can learn more about their community and their passion by following regular ‘Did you Know’ features. And the more they decide to do and the more they get involved, the more points they collect and the greater the opportunity to take up offers and win prizes.

Community Workspace

With their unique Community Workspace, YourPlaceYourSpace is able to help those who are inspired and serious about taking things to the next level. YourPlaceYourSpace will give these people their own access rights environment where they can work on their idea or project.

In this digital space they can work alone, or bring in others to share in building evidence, acquiring knowledge and developing plans. This is the ideal space for working on the business; working on the idea; working on the initiative.

A range of facilities and tools can be found in workspace and users can effectively utilise this space for collating documents, photos, videos and web links, for opening up discussion and chat with others, or for running surveys and analysing results.

Community Matchmaker

The whole focus and rationale for YourPlaceYourSpace is making a difference. It’s our job at YourPlaceYourSpace to provide the tools and functionality that helps bring together those who create the great ideas with those who have the potential to turn an idea into something that really does make a difference.

Matchmaker is where the dreamers can join with the dream makers – with those who are more than happy to put their support, their resources, their connections, and their wealth of experience behind the idea and behind the passionate people responsible for coming up with the idea.

These are the community drivers, the investors, the philanthropists, the funders of great initiatives, the Lottery, and those from local government and the public sector who are responsible for the provision of public services.

These are the people and the organisations who are in positions of making things happen for those who are passionate and inspired to want to make a difference.

For more detail on what is provided by YourPlaceYourSpace connect HERE.


ItsYourBuild will grow as a shared space for the many individuals, communities and businesses that will want to connect and share their passion for construction and regeneration.

Their work, their ideas and their proposals can be pulled together in the one collaborative space giving them access to a huge resource bank for sharing images, documents and web links. 

In this space people can chat in a secure environment if they wish; they can set up and promote events; or they can communicate with any of the YourPlaceYourSpace Communities through creating and submitting posts. 

dndimg alt="" dndsrc="../uploadedfiles/ItsYourBuild_Launch_Article_Slide.jpg" style="width: 100%;" />

We would be delighted to tell you more.

Contact Jonathan Bostock at or connect HERE with YourPlaceYourSpace for more information on sharing your passion for construction and regeneration.

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Construction & regeneration
10 Jun 2019 - YourPlaceYourSpace

Introducing 'Map and Track' from It's Your Build

Post image

‘We’re all about connecting People and Community with Place, Construction and great Architecture for maximum Social Impact’

Take the post for details on 'Map and Track'.


Introducing 'Map and Track' from It's Your Build

‘We’re all about connecting People and Community with Place, Construction and great Architecture for maximum Social Impact’

Take the post for details on 'Map and Track'.

“Map & Track” is a community engagement package run on several on-line communities powered by digital tech specialists, FreeTimePays. 

This is all part of a digital drive to connect more communities with their built environment and connect more developers, construction companies and architects with people who live and work in the places where they are building.

dndimg alt="" dndsrc="../uploadedfiles/ItsYourBuild_Follow_Your_Passion_Post_Image.jpg" style="width: 50%;" />

Social impact and the way the industry and its members can demonstrate the social value to the community resulting from the build is shaping many decisions today. “Map and Track” is all about building community connections that drive social value and create even greater social impact for the benefit of all.

dndimg alt="" dndsrc="../uploadedfiles/Birmingham nigh photos Mac McCreery ‏ 211117.jpg" style="width: 50%;" />

Why Birmingham? Why the built environment?

Birmingham is a City undergoing huge change.  People want to know what’s up, what’s going up and what’s in the stage of being planned. 

There is an increasing number of people in Birmingham who enjoy modern architecture and love to follow the builds as they take shape. These are all people who, through their passion, enthusiasm and interest, can play an important role in shaping the future for the industry and encourage others to get involved.

Birmingham was an obvious place to launch our first digital space for connecting community with construction and construction with community.

“Map & Track” gives developers, architects and construction companies an effective way to engage and connect with people with shared values and it gives community an effective way of getting involved.

dndimg alt="" dndsrc="../uploadedfiles/christine 04.jpg" style="width: 50%;" />

Over 100,000 people now follow a YourPlaceYourSpace community and our built environment sites and associated maps are now regular visited by people as a source of information, ideas and even inspiration. That’s just for Birmingham!

Starting with Birmingham, we have set up multiple accounts on traditional social media channels and this drives our huge and growing following.  For example, visit the largest twitter account of its type at and our new dedicated account for builds at

We are currently rolling out a number of dedicated domains powered by YourPlaceYourSpace digital technology on which will sit our ‘Map and Track’ application.

dndimg alt="" dndsrc="../uploadedfiles/Construction of 3 Arena Central..jpg" style="width: 50%;" />

covering the built environment as a passion.

dndimg alt="" dndsrc="../uploadedfiles/IMG_5137b_003.jpg" style="width: 50%;" />

covering the built environment as one of over 20 passions.

dndimg alt="" dndsrc="../uploadedfiles/victoria 0706.jpg" style="width: 50%;" />

early in design but will feature builds of architectural value to Birmingham.

All of the above are featuring projects that use “Map and Track”.


“Map & Track” will ensure that information about your company, your property and your values (as well as links to contacts and websites) reaches more people and helps attract and grow a large following for you and your builds.

Costs start at £500 per annum per property featured (discounted for multiple properties) and your brand will appear prominently with every property featured.

Step by step, this is how it works!

Step 1

JOIN our community as an individual and/or organisation.

First, we’ll get you and your organisation listed at ItsYourBuild and other communities as appropriate.

Register HERE.

Step 2

We’ll SET UP your build(s) and project(s) for all followers to see.

This could be a new build, an existing property, an example of great architecture, or a feature you’d like to run with community contributors such as a photography tour, a ‘did you know’ series, a topic for a survey or a debate.

Select your interest and tell us more HERE

If it’s a new build, then our team may already be featuring it at Itsyourbuild and we can move forward several steps, attach your branding and engage our followers in the build.

Step 3

MAP the project.

If the project relates to a new or existing build where the application process has been followed, then it should already be included on the Birmingham development map we share with our partners Greater Birmingham Developments. If not, it will now be added.

We will now create a site view with a link to take viewers and followers to your property on the map.

Step 4

Add your BRAND.

In partnership with yourselves, we will now ensure your brand is attached to the project. These images, such as the company logo, will subsequently appear on all posts and all material that you sign off prior to it being published.

Add the brands and images you want to see here and promote the project partnership, collaboration and any community links.

Step 5

We’ll create the first POST with links to your PROJECT.

The first introductory post will tell viewers about the project. We’ll do all the work and we will inform you at all stages.

If the project is to tell people about a build, then we would suggest this includes all content that will help promote the build and the organisations involved, the developer, the architect and the contractor. Let’s include those great artist’s impressions as well.

Step 6

Publish through all appropriate channels.

You’ll be given complete digital access to all content via the YourPlaceYourSpace unique Community Workspace, so you can be involved as much or as little as you wish in the creation of posts.

Once you’re happy, we’ll publish and link the post and article to all social media and direct message accounts for maximum exposure.

We’re now up and running and connected to community!

From here, we can discuss your on-going needs and support your community engagement in whatever way you require. 

All for £500 per annum, we’ll add and create ...

Photos, videos, etc building a huge bank of useful and informative content.

Images and build your gallery with the support of our contributors.

Web and URL links to content of your choice.

Multiple posts to drive social media coverage.

Regular content for inclusion in our e-news.

We can also discuss with you ...

Inviting our community contributors to actively participate.

Opening up photo opportunities and visits for creative contributors to attend.

Engaging our community in surveys, polls and discussions.

There is so much we can offer and so many ways we can engage community.


For further details and discuss your requirements:

Jonathan Bostock, ItsyourBuild co-ordinator for FreeTimePays


t: 0121 410 5520

m: 07432 637322


‘We’re all about connecting People and Community with Place, Construction and great Architecture for maximum Social Impact’

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